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Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Wrexham Investment Takeover

Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Wrexham Investment Takeover

The well-known Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have expressed their interest in the club of Wrexham. This interest was recently announced by the club themselves within the past week. It has been told that a special meeting with the club members and shareholders will take place for both Reynolds and McElhenney, to unfold new ideas and visions for the club, by the two actors. Rumours have been circulating as of late, and there has been great interest and approval from the fans for this deal to actually take place. 

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The takeover talks from the Hollywood actors is said to be worth over £2 million. This comes as really good news for the club owners. Wrexham has been a fan owned club since its making, so the extra initiative will most certainly be welcomed in any case. 

It has been made known and released by the club that a total of 95 percent of the trust members voted in favour of this move and investment manoeuvre. For that reason, many are hopeful that this will most definitely move forward, full steam ahead. Even Reynolds made hints and teased the commencement forward with the deal, via his socials online.

The Trust Director Spencer Harris, did come out in saying that the deal is still very much premature and in its early stages, meaning there will be many negotiations that must take place, to stabilise and form a foundation for the investment. Due to the club being community owned, the deal was made public prior to any finalisations. Yet, this was to be expected and known from the beginning, by key spectators of the deal itself.

Further SGM meetings should further clarify the possibilities that are to happen with Wrexham football club, meaning there is very much still a long road ahead in the deals to come. Yet one thing that is fully in the know is, the final decisions will be made and decided by the fans, as this club has always been a supporter lead football team.

Harris takes into account that Reynolds has been officially announced as the world's highest paid actors of the current movie season. The kind of press coverage between Reynolds and the club would most definitely be very healthy for the club, in the many seasons to come. The automatic brand recognition, due to Reynolds and McElhenney activities, will leave a long-lasting impression for the Wrexham club. 

Other brand investments that Reynolds has successfully pined out, include the well-known American Gin brand, that has had astonishingly successful results. This should definitely give confidence to both the fans and director of the club, for the future to come in this collaboration.

Harris quoted how impressed he was with the Hollywood heartthrobs. Saying how, to have a serious business proposition from clear and transparent business men in the industry, is very promising. Especially since all the endeavours of the two actors have been nothing but successful. He also appreciated how much the pair of actors made effort in researching everything about the club, and combining their initiatives with the history and achievements made by Wrexham. ‘They know what they are doing, when it comes to business acquisitions’. 

Wrexham is the oldest professional football team in Wales. Rich in history, culture and potential, Harris said that this deal should hopefully go through very smoothly and in the right time course. Obviously, Reynolds and McElhenney would have made it to matches, if it was not for the current pandemic, preventing social events of any kind. 

The pandemic has made it highly difficult for football teams to prosper and make business acquisitions. So, fans would definitely say that Reynolds and McElhenney have a long-lasting vision, to think business at this time and period of things. 

While fans wait for the future plans to unfold, all they can really do is watch this space and hold out for finalisations between shareholders, the community and of course the two famous Hollywood actors, Reynolds and McElhenney.