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Al Fayed wants salary cap

Al Fayed wants salary cap

Fulham owner Mohamed Al Fayed has called for a salary cap to be applied in the Premiership. Manchester City's pursuit of Kaka has seen the outspoken Egyptian claim that the Premiership should enforce a rule to prevent the club from spending so much on wages.

It is understood that Kaka could be earning as much as 500k GBP per week if he completes a move from Man City to AC Milan as expected.

"It's madness,'' he told BBC Radio Five Live's Sportsweek. "If you have one fantastic striker, what about the rest of the team, the players around him? It's gambling to do things like that.

"It's bad news for football because it's crazy.

"All this is still in the hands of the Premier League and the FA. They have the power not to allow things like this to happen and I hope they wake up and realise it's not acceptable.

"They can put a cap on transfer fees and salaries.''