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Redknapp not victimising Bent

Redknapp not victimising Bent

Harry Redknapp has rubbished suggestions that he is victimising Darren Bent, after the forward's glaring miss against Portsmouth. Bent missed the simplest of chances, and Redknapp joked that 'even my wife could've scored that'.

Redknapp said: "If I had the hump every time someone said something about me, I wouldn’t get out of the house in the morning. It wasn’t like it was Darren Bent I was trying to knock, I swear. If it had been Jermain Defoe I’d have said the same thing. It was my reaction to the miss.

"It could have been anybody. Someone said: 'Do you think you should have won the game?' and I replied: 'Yes, I think my missus would have scored it.'.

"You can’t keep pussy-footing around. What am I supposed to say? 'It was a really good try' or 'he was unlucky' or 'he’s done his best'?

"He should make sure that next time he gets a chance, he scores. Go out and practise. He spent a bit of time this morning heading balls into the goal."