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Cech eyes Chelsea clean sheets

Cech eyes Chelsea clean sheets

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has admitted he is a little concerned about the clubs recent defensive record. The Blues have only made one clean sheet in the last eight games.

''Whether it's our concentration or not I don't know, but we need to sort it out,'' said Cech. ''At the start of the season we were getting a lot of clean sheets. Then in December we had a run where we didn't.

''You can have a great game and still allow the opposition to score. That's what we're doing and it makes everything a lot more difficult.

''When you're not conceding goals for so long, it gives you a massive boost to know one goal will get you three points.

''All we can do now is keep winning, so if Liverpool or United drop points we can close the gap. That is the only way for us now. It's not in our hands, it's in United's.''