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Darlington release players

Darlington release players

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Darlington confirmed that all the senior players in the team are available on free transfer. The club are in deep crisis- on the brink of closure - as they are not available to find a new owner.

The club's official statement said that they are forced to cancel the contract of all the full team member's except one - a 17-year old Josh Gray - due to the crisis. The caretaker manager Martin Gray and his backroom staff also left the club. Neil Maddison and Craig Liddle - the coaching staff - are the only left behind.

As reported by the Club's official statement:

"Following the end of the playing season and the expiry of the player deferral agreements, and considering the reduced levels of income in the close season, the administrator has unfortunately been forced to allow the majority of the first team to leave the club with immediate effect.

"This decision has been made to enable the club to trade as long as possible in order to allow any potential buyer as much time as possible in order to make an offer for the club."

The club were unfortunately not able to find an interested buyer to save them from the crisis.