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Ballack praises Chelsea spirit

Ballack praises Chelsea spirit

Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack has praised the excellent spirit in the squad after watching the team go five points clear at the top of the Premiership. Sunday's 1-0 victory over Man Utd did much to inspire and improve confidence as Chelsea look to retain the Premiership crown.

Carlo Ancelotti has guided Chelsea to an excellent start to the year, and now Ballack insists that improved confidence has been behind the Blues' inspired start to the year.

Ballack said: "The team has grown together and every year we have more experience and confidence.

"Most of the players have stayed here, we've been through a lot of nice games but also a lot of difficult situations and some little disappointments have stuck us together.

"If you come back from disappointing situations together then you do better the next season. We have to focus at this early stage and keep that going until around April and the deciding games in the season.

"You work the whole year for these big games, league deciders and cup finals. It is very important that you don't waste points by drawing here and there at this stage of the season and finding yourself five points behind and chasing.

"So it is a good time at the moment for us and we want to keep it going."