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Dalglish: Gerrard will not resolve our issues

Dalglish: Gerrard will not resolve our issues

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish admits that the return of Steven Gerrard to the first team will be very important, but will not mean an instant return to form.

Two defeats in a row to Stoke and Tottenham have surprised many, but Dalglish warned his side not to get carried away when 31 year old Gerrard returns to action.

Gerrard may take part in the Carling Cup match with Brighton this week.

“It’s natural everyone wants to chase Stevie, especially after you have lost 4-0,” said Dalglish. ”But we’ll see how it goes and when both parties agree he’ll play.

“Stevie has done fantastically well to get where he is, and having him back in the side can only be a good thing.

“But there is plenty of room for improvement after a defeat like that, and we have to correct the mistakes we made, improve, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“It is about looking at ourselves and that is what we’re going to concentrate on.

“This is about a team and about a squad and not one player.

“Each player has to look at themselves, and correct the mistakes they made – and that is all they should concentrate on.

“We have had good days and we will have a lot more coming but that doesn’t mean we dismiss a performance like that.”