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"La Liga belongs to Madrid" says Guardiola

FC Barcelona manager, Pep Guardiola, said that his side has only a very small chance to win the league and if Real Madrid manages to win or draw tonight, the La Liga title will belong to the Madrid club.

Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona will battle tonight in the El Clasico at Camp Nou, the league title winners will be decided in this game. Although Los Blancos has a game at San Mames with the strong Athletic Bilbao led by Marcelo Bielsa, a win at the Camp Nou will ensure that they have a comfortable gap against Barcelona which will help them go on and win the league.

Barcelona needs to win the game and reduce the gap between the teams to one point and put Real Madrid under pressure before the Champions League tie against Bayern Munich. Both the Spanish giants would not have wanted the El Clasico to be on a Champions League weekend, moreover, both the teams are one goal down against their respective opponents.

Guardiola needs to attack and dominate the game and win it, that leaves them with only one option. Mourinho, on the other hand, could either try for a win or sit back and defend and hold on to a draw. The Blaugrana manager commented that "If we don't win, we'll have a new champion. We will congratulate them and prepare well for next season".

A month ago, Barcelona were ten points behind Real Madrid, however, a few draws and losses closed down the gap to just four points with five games including tonight's Clasico. Real Madrid were comfortably leading the pack and with a few bad performances they are threatened by their arch rival Barcelona, the El Clasico will decide the title winners for the season.