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Premiership hit out at Platini

Premiership hit out at Platini

The Premiership have hit out at recent comments made by Michel Platini regarding the amount of foreigners that ply their trade in England.

The Premiership has hit out at Michel Platini for his earlier comments. Platini had said: "I don't like the fact that it is too open [in allowing in foreign players]."

However, the Premiership have had their spokesman Dan Johnson speak out on Platini's comments.

"He should really mind his own business. UEFA should look after the Champions League, UEFA Cup and the European Championships," said Johnson.

"We run the Premier League and we run it successfully, which is beneficial to the English game and that is our business and not Platini's business.

"I think the foreign influence on the Premier League has pushed it to the very highest level.

"We attract the best in the world and when English players are coming up against the best week in, week out we think it is good for them.

"Do you want more average [English] players or more quality players? We want players who are able to compete with the best in the world.

"If you look at the current crop of players we have a world-class group and the investment that is going in right across Premier League clubs in academy players is high in terms of finance and intellectual commitment.

"I think there are various factors as to why we didn't get through (Euro 2008 qualification) this time but the quality of the the players was not one of those factors."