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City finalise Benjani deal

City finalise Benjani deal

There has been a lot of contraversy about the move of Benjani from Portsmouth to Manchester City after Benjani failed to turn up to Man CIty on time, but it is believed that the deal has finally gone through despite the transfer window being closed.

The Zimbabwe striker was supposed to have completed the deal on the last day of the transfer market but failed to arrive at Manchester on time. been left in limbo after a switch to the City of Manchester Stadium failed to go through on transfer deadline day.

The Premier League had an investigation into it looking through paperwork to see if they could make an exception, because Portsomuth had already signed Jermaine Defoe from Tottenham expecting to sell Benjani.

Sven Goran Eriksson the manager of City expected it to be resolved by Tuesday and all seems finalised.

We believe that City have tidied up the bits and pieces which stopped Benjani from moving to City last week.