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PSG star Rabiot angry with Deschamps for leaving him out of squad

PSG star Rabiot angry with Deschamps for leaving him out of squad

Rabiot will miss World Cup

Adrien Rabiot, the Paris St Germain midfielder who has been left out of France's World Cup squad, has written a letter speaking of his disappointment and frustration with national team coach Didier Deschamps. Rabiot had been expected to be a part of his national side's squad for the tournament in Russia.

Deschamps has been fiercely critical of Rabiot in recent months, leading to Rabiot writing a lengthly letter on the matter.

"I suspected the impact of my decision, but I regret to be caricatured as a young immature player unable to measure the scope of his actions," Rabiot said. 

"It's my job, but football is my passion, and to climb to the highest level, I've worked again and again, and all I've got today I've earned on the pitch. And then I have a dream, like all footballers, it's playing for my country. 

"Wearing the blue jersey is for me an honour, a pride. To win with France, to win for France, is a mission. Since the age of 15 I have worn the colours of France. I have the culture of France. Also, I do not allow anyone to speak on my behalf about my relationship with the French team.

"Since my first call, as a reserve in May 2016, I played with my club, PSG, a big European club, 88 games including 13 in the Champions League, scored seven goals and I was rewarded by seven trophies.

"If I decided to withdraw from the list of alternates, it is because I consider that the choice of the coach towards me does not answer any sporting logic because for all these years the message was clear, it is the performances in a club which open the doors of the national team.

"I am a competitor without qualms, but I am also a man, and as such I would have liked to be considered as such. My approach does not target the selected players. And I thank [Noel] Le Graet, the president of the French Football Federation, for having highlighted the exemplary nature of my selection behaviour over the past eight years.

"Finally, I will assume all the consequences of my choice with the support of my family and my relatives."