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Benitez won't get new no. 2

Benitez won't get new no. 2

Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has announced that he has no intentions to replace his departing number 2 Pako Ayestaran. The two have fallen out despite working together for over 11 years throughout Rafa's managerial career.

Reasons as to why the two have fallen out are currently unknown, but speaking of the situation Benitez said, "On a personal basis I am disappointed with what has happened. He (Ayestaran) is talking to the club, but the situation will not change."

It is believed that Ayestaran's fitness duties will be taken on by staff already at the club, and Paco de Migue was already appointed this summer to work alongside fitness coach Antonio Gomez.

Benitez has therefore said that he has no intentions of signing a new number 2 for now.