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Good or Bad?

Liverpool last night crashed out of the FA Cup at the hands of Merseyside rivals Everton, but is it that bad?

With the Reds looking to continue their title chase, they could probably do with focusing on their main aim, instead of three competitions, and take away the risks of Injury and Suspensions, as we saw last night with Steven Gerrard and Lucas. Reds fans may see it as a blessing that they was knocked out of the cup last night, but the performance was still far from acceptable, as they failed to create a decent amount of chances, and sat back in extra time looking for penalties, and it cost them. Torres once again looked out of sorts, Riera was once again frustrating, as his delievery was rarely up to scratch. Dirk Kuyt worked hard all night, but once again, it was what he did with the ball that will be questioned, and he didnt do much. Lucas played well, but once again, we saw his unreliable side as he was sent off, as he axed down several players, which brought memories back off what happened at the JJB only last week. Dossena impressed going forward in the first half, but his delivery wasnt always up to scratch, and his touch let him down several times. On a whole, Rafa may see it as a positive they are out the cup. But last nights performance was poor, improvements must be made, and maybe he rushed into the selling of Robbie Keane. The atmosphere was electric in the away end, but they will still of left downbeat, as the reds were humbled by arguably, there biggest rivals.