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Traditional Bundesliga Clubs Enters Relegation Battle

Traditional Bundesliga Clubs Enters Relegation Battle

Traditional Bundesliga Clubs Enters Relegation Battle

Bundesliga: going down to the wire

Some teams are doing better than others in this season’s Bundesliga. The five teams at the bottom are facing relegation. We still don’t know who’s going into the final playoffs where they’ll go up against each other to stay in the league. 


Some teams have had rather disappointing results so far this season. This has put them into relegation. The teams Schalke, Bochum, Vfb Stuttgart, Hertha Berlin, and Augsburg are all staring into an abyss called Bundesliga 2. We’re going to zoom in on the teams in regulation here. To read much more on the teams and placements, you can check out Bundesliga predictions. Here you can also read all about betting on the Bundesliga. 


Schalke entered the automatic relegation with their 18th position. This is despite things going a bit better than their previous Bundesliga period two years ago. This time, they’ve won two games out of 15 instead of one last time. There is more than one problem going on for Schalke at the moment. One of them being the injuries that both Rodrigo Zalazar and Sepp van den Berg are struggling with. Another one is the strike drought going on at the moment. If Schalke wants to hold its position as a team in the Bundesliga, they need to start striking.


The other automatically relegated team is of course Bochum with their 17th place. There has been some real damage that put them all the way to the bottom. They lost seven of their first eight games. One match that really damaged the team was their defeat to Bayern, where they lost 7-0. They’ve managed to win four more games giving them hope for their survival in the Bundesliga. It will probably depend on the continued form of striker Philipp Hofmann.

VfB Stuttgart

It’s not easy watching the downward spiral that VfB Stuttgart has been on since their fantastic season 20/21. Last season they were as close to a relegation play-off match as you can get last season but managed to stay in the top league. It’s going to be interesting to see whether their new coach Bruno Labbandia will be able to keep them in the Bundesliga for another season.



Hertha Berlin

One team that has been particularly unlucky this season is Hertha Berlin. They’ve dropped nothing less than eight points because of last-minute scores. With their 14 points, they’re now at 15th and are now going into relegation. Two of the players that are going to make all the difference will be captain Marvin Plattenhardt and striker Dodi Lukebakio.


The last team being dragged into relegation is the 14th place, Augsburg. Before the winter break, they had a negative streak of seven winless games. In the last seven seasons, they’ve finished 12th or lower, so it’s nothing new being here. Despite this, they’ve never actually dropped as far as into the relegation play-offs, so it’s going to be interesting to see what happens this season.,