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Plan B for 2010 WC - Sepp Blatter

Plan B for 2010 WC - Sepp Blatter

The World Cup 2010 is due to take place in South Africa, concerns over security suggests that FIFA might look for a new host nation. Sepp Blatter, the Fifa president, confirmed that he has a 'Plan B' for the World Cup.

The World Cup 2010 might be hosted by some other nation if the security issues in South Africa are not sorted out in time.

Fifa President Sepp Blatter has openly declared that he has a 'Plan B' for the host nations of the World Cup. He admitted that it would be hard for South Africa and he will try to do everything to hold on to them.

Blatter said that he hopes everything goes as planned and the world cup will be held in South Africa, though he has thought about an alternative.

"I would be a very negligent president if I hadn't put away in a drawer somewhere a plan B," Blatter said.

"However, only a natural catastrophe would change things. If we had to activate the plan B, we would take our decision after the Confederations Cup."

The FIFA president said that everything will depend on next year's Confederations Cup which is also hel in South Africa. This would be the actual 'trial run' for the World Cup, and FIFA will thoroughly check the facilities as five of the world cup venues will be used in the tournament.

The major areas of concern will be the stadium construction delays, security issues and transport related problems.

One of the stadiums,in Port Elizabeth, is yet to be finished. These issues have blocked the preparations to the World Cup and no wonder Sepp is concerned.

The Confederations Cup, if help properly, will testify South Africa's eligibility and the Plan B will not be necessary.