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Benitez: every point is crucial

Benitez: every point is crucial

Rafa Benitez believes that every point is important in the Premiership, if his Liverpool side are finally going to go on to win bigger and better things. Liverpool slumped to their first loss of the season with a 2-1 defeat to Spurs at the weekend.

The Spaniard told the press: “On Saturday everyone was really upset because we’d played well, deserved to win and it was our first defeat.

“In the past, maybe it would have been a case of ‘Okay, we’ve lost, but we can win another’. But when you have a winning mentality like we’ve got now, every point you lose is very important.

“For me quality is character, which is part of what a top-class player has to have — that mentality of winning, or making sure you come back well from a defeat.

“I think we now have a lot of those type of players in the club, but although things could be better, we are still in a fantastic position.”