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Do Barcelona really need a Philippe Coutinho?

Amidst several claims of a potential swap from EPL strugglers to Spanish giants for the Brazil international, a few Barcelona fans may not particularly see the need for another creative young addition to their midfield, as their most recent similar transfers are yet to yield any concrete dividend for them thus far.

With Dennis Suarez, Paco Alcacer and Andre Gomes taking what seems like forever to blend into a most rigid Barcelona culture and with an increasingly growing impatience welling up in the heart of the Barca fans over unfruitful spendings in the last couple of transfer windows, a little skepticism over the purchase of the Brazilian forward is absolutely understandable. 

But what really does he bring to the table?

He has a lethal goal-scoring foot 

Given the astute nature of the Brazilian and his untamable flair for long range pile drivers and audacious cracking thunderbolts, he undoubtedly supplements the potency of the Barcelona attack. 

The Liverpool man is famously referenced for his long range screamers and bright eye for goal, even from the farthest and most unexpected ranges. This will no doubt be a turning point for the barcelona midfield as the likes of Andres Iniesta, Sergio Busquets almost always shy away from goal scoring opportunities, whether from 3 yards or 30 yards from goal.  

So with his introduction, the pressure on the attacking trident can simmer down, as he would also be looked upon to provide goals and win games for them, which he is very much capable of.

Well Barca have never wanted for goals, so he has to have better than that to convince the severely critique eyes of his performance.

What more does he bring then?

He is a genius of a creator.

To merely call him intelligent will be undermining his abilities. Philippe Coutinho is an enigmatic genius. One who was very instrumental to the success story of Suarez and Liverpool two seasons ago.

Save his goal scoring abilities, this man is  a threat from almost anywhere in the final third. He has the uncanny ability to rip defenses open with incisive passes, and can thread the deftest of passes through the thinest of openings. Needless to say such impeccable gifts would come in handy to a side who feed on brilliant passes the way the madridistas feed on dangerous crosses. 

With the brightest, fastest and deadliest attackers in the world lurking right in front of him, ever ready to run in behind a napping defender and punish the goalie, Coutinho's creativity couldn't be better usurped and adequately exercised and exploited than at the Camp Nou. 

But amidst all this attributes afforded to the brilliant brazilian, there exist a certain trait, a trademark culture, a method, a tradition that every one that even dreams of smelling the Barcelona stadium must absolutely excel at, without which you just seem like a lost dog on the street in the midst of the rest of the team. And good for this young lad, because he shines in this skill like a resplendent new day sun. 

Philippe Coutinho can pass a ball.

Putting that in context, Philippe coutinho is to liverpool what KI is to swansea, what Silva is to city, what kroos is to Madrid, and dare i say, what Xavi was to Barca 

He understands the art of passing the way only spaniards do. he revels in it. He is an authority in the midfield both in Liverpool and for his country-side. And having this,  he already boasts of the basic foundational requirement for the tiki take culture to be inoculated into his DNA.

Little wonder barca legend Xavi Hernandez is of the strong belief that the Brazilian will be a perfect fit for his former side.

Whether Coutinho would excel at Fc Barcelona may be a function of time and chance and good fortune but the question of his abilities being on par with the current barca needs is a most definite yes.

See you in the training ground Philippe Coutinho...Neymar awaits your company!!