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Could Usain Bolt be on his way to The Championship?

Could Usain Bolt be on his way to The Championship?

Could Usain Bolt be on his way to The Championship?

It is well known that Usain Bolt is a keen footballer

After ending his athletics career this week, Usain Bolt will find himself with plenty of spare time on his hands. It is no secret that Bolt is a huge fan of football and Manchester United in particular. Now, could he be about to go on trial with a Championship side?

Whilst Bolt's footballing ability remains to be proven, his pace would undoubtedly strike fear into any defence. The Jamaican sprinter performs regularly in charity football matches and has been offered a trial by Borussia Dortmund in the past. 

Now, Championship side Burton Albion may be interested in the world record holder, according to the club's chairman. Ben Robinson told The Sun “I’m sure we would (offer a trial) and that the manager would. He’s quick, if nothing else! We would be very interested, obviously." 

However, before fans of The Brewers get too carried away, manager Nigel Clough dismissed the rumours following the team's defeat to Middlesbrough on Tuesday night. 

Responding to the story, Clough said "Would I be interested? No. I'm interested in trying to get a win on Friday night, no distractions. It's a good job he (the chairman) doesn't pick the players then, isn't it?'"

Whilst Clough appears uninterested in the links, it would certainly be one of the most bizarre transfers ever if anything does come of the chairman's suggestions. 

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