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£300,000-a-week for Ronaldo ?

£300,000-a-week for Ronaldo ?

Real Madrid have increased their wage offer to Cristiano Ronaldo to make it £300,000-a-week salary after tax. This will make him the world's highest-paid footballer.

The Spanish giants, Real Madrid, are desperate to land Portugese winger, Cristiano Ronaldo and has raised their contract offer to £15M-a-year. The five-year contract on the table is worth £75M after tax, which might be the 'real' reason why Ronaldo is 'un-settled' at Old Trafford.

The Portugese coach, Luis Felipe Scolari, has already adviced Cristiano that the Real Madrid train would stop only once, and the deal is once-in-a-lifetime offer.

Ronaldo had announced that he might consider a move next year, but Real Madrid wants the player now.

The Whites had similar experience with Kaka last season, when they offered a £10M-a-year for the Brazilian. Kaka turned down the offer, pledging his future to Milan.

Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon says they have the money to buy Ronaldo. The wages and image rights deals can be absorbed by the club as Ronaldo would generate the income to pay for himself.

David Beckham's transfer to the Spanish capital, has earned the club £25M a year as extra income. They believe Ronaldo would be even bigger in terms of merchandising income, through shirt sales.

Manchester United had declared that Ronaldo is not for sale, Alex Ferguson going as far as saying that the club's owner, the Glazers, would rather let Ronaldo rot in the reserves than be forced to sell.

Real Madrid had declared that they won't do anything without any "yes" from Manchester United.

“We’re not going to do anything against the wishes of a friend like Manchester,” Calderon said in response to United’s formal ‘hands off’ statement last week.

Yet Calderon added: “We’re sorry that Manchester are unhappy, but Real have nothing to do with this affair. We know Manchester are not selling, so why would we persist? It’s a problem between the player and the club.”