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Reds Title Race Over?

2007-08: Get off to a good start. 2008-09: Still be in the title race come February time next year

Those were the aims that Supporters and Pundits alike said Liverpool must do over the previous seasons. You dont have to think to hard about what next years will. 'Turns draws againgst teams you should be beating, especially at home'. I'm pretty sure it will be along them lines, as for the sixth time this season, Liverpool failed to beat opposition they should realistically be beating, and now the title dream is fading quickly, as they sit seven points behind leaders Manchester United at the summit of English Football. Stoke, West Ham, Fulham, Hull City, Everton and yesterday Manchester City joined those names of the teams who have come to Anfield and got away with a point. Despite only losing one game all season, the lowest in the league, they have the highest amount of draws, 10, and it is that what will cost them come May. Yesterday Liverpool did create the chances, but couldnt put them away, which has been many the case this season. Yesterday was pretty much a snapshot on their season. For many Reds supporters, its a case of theirs always next year, but now thats whats been said for the past 19 years, and Liverpool fans patience is wearing thin at the moment, due to the situation with the owners, Robbie Keane, and Rafas contract, and now, possibly out of the title race. Rafa Benitez and players such as Jamie Carragher have come out and said were not out of it, and that they still believe, but its going to be one hell of a task. Firstly, they must win all of their remaining games, including Manchester United away at Old Trafford on March 14th, and hope Manchester United lose two other games.