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Robbie Keane hits out at FIFA

Robbie Keane hits out at FIFA

Robbie Keane has hit out at FIFA, accusing them of preferring to see the bigger teams qualify for the World Cup. The controversial comments are sure to anger many at the governing body. Keane was disappointed with France's successful qualification after Thierry Henry appeared to handball in the run up to the equalising goal against Ireland on Wednesday.

Robbie Keane commented: “It’s an easy decision to do the seedings, isn’t it? They are all ­probably clapping their hands right now.

“Michel Platini sitting up there on the phone to [FIFA ­president] Sepp Blatter... they are probably texting each other, delighted with the result.

“France were in there and Germany at one point had a chance of being in the play-offs as well. Two massive countries.

“There was no way, in a million years, it was going to be a fair draw – and it wasn’t.”