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Everton taking their time with Cenk Tosun

Sam Allardyce news

Allardyce taking his time with Tosun

Everton boss Sam Allardyce has told reporters that the club must wait a little longer before they get to see the Turkish international striker Cenk Tosun in action on a regular basis. Allardyce attributed the striker's fitness to a lack of playing time in recent weeks.

Tosun, a big money signing the January transfer window, has only managed to find time on the substitutes bench in recent weeks.

"He is struggling with the pace of the Premier League which happens to more players than it doesn’t to who come in in January,” Allardyce added.

“There are more that struggle than actually succeed. As time goes on and the more we get closer to our safety the more we can release and see what he’s got. They were up to scratch when he was playing but there is more demand at this level to get to the level and show the ability he has got.

“There is no doubting his goal-scoring ability but you have to have the capabilities to get in those positions to score those goals and that is the hard bit."