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Hero Lampard backs Scolari

Hero Lampard backs Scolari

Frank Lampard has backed Luiz Felipe Scolari to remain as the Chelsea head coach, despite a series of poor results. Chelsea limped past Stoke City at Stamford Bridge at the weekend, and Frank Lampard scored the winner deep into injury time in the 2-1 victory.

Lampard's scorcher saved the day to rescue three points for Chelsea at the weekend, and the England international midfielder has backed the former Portugal coach.

Lampard quipped: "We are all behind him, it is difficult when people keep try to say things to split things up.

"The manager first of all is a very good man and he has been a very successful manager for a long time.

"Hopefully that success is going to come here. The last month has been difficult. We're in a moment where we make one mistake in a game and we are punished every time.

"We have had countless chances, but keepers are making amazing saves. It's one of those moments. We can only get through them together, we are all in it together and I think it showed.

"At Man United we knew we didn't play anywhere near as well as we should have done. We underperformed and everyone went to town on us. But you have to be big enough to handle things like that at Chelsea and as a group we showed a lot of spirit and with the celebrations at the end."