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Man Utd manager slams Olympics

Man Utd manager slams Olympics

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson isn't happy that so many of his squad will be taking part in the London Olympics. Fergie revealed that as many as 12 of his players could play some part in this summer's tournament.

Sir Alex has been very vocal in the past regarding his squad's overuse for international friendlies, and it seems that the Scotsman is not too happy about the Olympics, either.

"It's ridiculous, utter chaos," Ferguson said.

"I have no idea how badly other clubs are affected but I would imagine Tottenham will have a few, like Gareth Bale. Aston Villa have a lot of younger players as well - that is all Alex McLeish needs."

Some players that could take part in Team GB's squad include Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Tom Cleverley and Jonny Evans.