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Reds Leave It Late...Again

Its starting to become more regular than Rafa rotating his squad, as once again Liverpool left it very late to take all three points in crucial games.

Firstly we had the drama of Chelsea, as Fernando Torres grabbed two late goals, one with a minute of normal time remaining, and one deep into stoppage time. Saturday eclipsed the previous Sunday for Drama, as once again, Torres proved the hero in stoppage time. Its something that the Reds have acheived many times this season, a never give in spirit instilled to Benitezs players. Saturday was a lesson for pundits. Pre-Match, Rafas tactics were heavily scrutinised for resting key players, mainly for putting David Ngog up front againgst veteran central defenders Campbell and Distin. The lesson from this? Never doubt Rafas selection until the final whistles gone. The key players he rested came on at a vital time and added the vital impetus needed to swing the game Liverpools way. Rafa certainlty goes under the category ' Cant win'. Time and time again, his team selection is critised, even though his side have picked up all the points. Maybe these doubters should look at his recent record, one defeat in thirty three 'major' competiton games. Another lesson from Saturday, is that Liverpool CAN win games without Gerrard and/or Torres in the side, with the latter being on the bench for a large majority. Liverpool was labelled 'Lucky' on Sunday morning in the mornng spreadsheets, but had it been Manchester United or Chelsea it would be ' The hallmark of a title winning side'. Its fair to say, Rafa Benitez isnt the medias biggest fan, and he certainly isnt theirs. Liverpools Never say die attitude, is part of the Liverpool way, instilled into the club back from the Shankly Years. Would the Media be so heavy on Alex Ferguson if Rooney and Ronaldo was both lost to injury? I very much doubt it