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Neymar not expensive says Mourinho

Neymar not expensive says Mourinho

Mourinho expects the cost of players to rise further due to the Neymar deal

Neymar's upcoming transfer to Paris Saint-Germain is set to smash all kinds of records, with Barcelona set to receive just shy of £200 million and the player signing up to a contract that will see him earn around £500,000 per week. The move has received mixed opinions, including Jose Mourinho, who claims that the cost of Neymar is not expensive. 

Mourinho himself was the manager shelling out a world record transfer fee last summer, when The Red Devils spent £89 million on taking Paul Pogba back to Old Trafford. 

That fee has been dwarfed by PSG's deal for Neymar, but Mourinho is confident that the move will be value for money for the Ligue 1 giants. 

When asked if PSG had overspent, Mourinho responded "Neymar is one of the best players in the world, commercially he is very strong and for sure Paris Saint-Germain thought about it," Sky Sports reports. 

Mourinho went on to say that despite his opinions that Neymar is worth the fee, the problem may now lie when it comes to the valuation of other players. 

In a market that is already seeing players sold for excessive fees, the Manchester United manager expects to see their prices rise even more following Neymar's move. "You are going have more players at £80m and more players at £60m. I think that's the problem" he worries. 

One manager who is strongly opposed to this big money move is Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp

The German believes that the financial fair play rules were brought in to prevent spending such as PSG's £198 million, but feels that they are being seen as more of a guideline rather than being an enforced rule. 

In response to Klopp's questioning of the rules, Uefa responded saying "PSG must respect Financial Fair Play rules as do all other clubs in Europe. They must demonstrate that they do not have losses of more than €30m over three years."

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